An Open Letter On ShipMate’s Core Values

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To our loyal customers,

ShipMate was formed in 1991 to fulfill a critical need – to provide dangerous goods training & consultation to shippers and carriers of dangerous goods.  Since then, we have been entrusted to help companies with domestic and international Dangerous Goods Transportation, Health & Safety, Product Labeling, Waste Management, and Environmental compliance. After over 30 years of of business, we are just as motivated by our core values as we were on our first day of business.

HM-181, DOT’s most significant rulemaking had recently been published in December 1990 and was revised and updated a year later in December 1991. 

Two years later, HM-126F was published.  HM-126F required that all hazardous materials employees receive 3 types of training: General Awareness & Familiarization, General Safety, and Function-Specific.

The core values that we integrated into our company when we were founded, Integrity and Compliance still guide us today.  I believed then, as I do now, that this company would always guide our customers toward compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and we would work diligently to find compliant and innovative solutions to their many complex hazardous materials transportation needs.  ShipMate would always operate with the highest integrity and put compliance ahead of profit.

We believe that compliance with the regulatory requirements should ensure a minimum acceptable level of safety and ensure that life, property, and the environment would be protected by complying with these rules.  In those cases where the rules were ambiguous, subject to interpretation or appeared to be faulty, we would call them out and offer solutions which went above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements.  We would also work with the regulatory agencies to point out any deficiencies and ask them to update or clarify those standards that were ambiguous or unclear.

Over time, we have developed an outstanding reputation for honesty, integrity, and accuracy.  We have been called upon to provide sound guidance and consultation to more than 5000 companies globally.  We have earned the Trust of our clients.  We don’t advertise.  Our business is built on word-of-mouth referrals from our many satisfied customers.  We’ve also developed a reputation for taking on difficult challenges and finding solutions and getting results quickly and cost effectively.

We are also Compassionate.  We understand our clients’ needs and are sensitive to these needs.  We recognize that compliance can be expensive, and that time spent training cuts into their operational commitments.  That’s why we work with customers to offer multiple training solutions including: in-house training (even training on different shifts and weekends), web-based training, and instructor-led virtual training.  We also strive to reduce our customer’s costs by developing innovative solutions such as our HazDox™ Dangerous Goods Shipping System and offering bulk discounts on training and safety data sheet development.  We believe that it’s possible to be both Compliant and Compassionate.  We understand operational and budget constraints and strive to provide the best value for our products and services by keeping our costs low.  When we bid a project, we will offer the lowest possible price to our customer that we can and will be completely transparent.

These are the core values that have guided us each day at ShipMate, for more than 30 years!


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An Open Letter On ShipMate’s Core Values

To our loyal customers, ShipMate was formed in 1991 to fulfill a critical need – to provide dangerous goods training & consultation to shippers and carriers of dangerous goods.  Since

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