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Welcome to the Library! ShipMate has put together an extensive library of useful references and documents designed to help our clients get a better understanding of hazardous materials’ safety and regulation, as well as to assist in streamlining their business practices. Explore this page to find information that may be helpful, including our Glossaries, Downloadable PDF documents, Government website links, and our FAQ’s page.


ShipMate has developed a comprehensive glossary of terms and abbreviations that are used throughout various regulatory references.

A glossary is also found in every ShipMate web-based training program and in the ShipMate™ University.

To access one of the many glossaries, please click on any of the following links:

Sample Documents

Take a look at any of the following forms to help you stay in compliance with the domestic and international dangerous goods transportation or federal hazardous waste documentation requirements.

PDF Documents
Sample Gallery

ShipMate™ also offers these and other dangerous good declarations and waste manifests in a variety of formats including pin-fed, snap-out and laser forms.

Special Permits & Approvals

ShipMate™ has helped hundreds of companies obtain and maintain Special Permits, Competent Authority Approvals or Permits for Equivalency of Safety (Canada) which have enabled the petitioner to mark, manufacture or sell non-specification packaging, or transport dangerous goods that would otherwise have been prohibited for transport.

ShipMate can also help your company file for and obtain Competent Authority Approval for the Classification of Explosives, a Competent Authority Approval or Permit for Equivalency of Safety (Canada) in accordance with the new rules of procedure.

If ShipMate has authored a DOT Special Permit, Competent Authority Approval or Permit for Equivalency of Safety for your company, click on our Special Permits and Approvals page and enter your User ID and Password to access the database which includes a copy of your permit, approval or explosive registration number.

If you need a User ID and Password to access the system, call us at +1 (310) 370-3600 or click here.

Useful Links

Click on any of the following links to obtain more information the dangerous goods transportation, health and safety, or environmental management regulations or industry best management practices.

Dangerous Goods Transport

Health & Safety

Environmental Management

Other Useful Links


ShipMate™ has developed a comprehensive set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Every ShipMate™ web-based training program in the ShipMate™ University includes a series of interactive of Frequently Asked Questions.

To access one of the Frequently Asked Questions applications, please click on any of the following links:

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