Product Compliance

Marks, Labels, Placards

ShipMate is an authorized distributor for Labelmaster.

For over 40 years, Labelmaster has helped companies comply with regulations governing the safe handling and transport of hazardous materials. Their experience in providing regulatory information and products has made them a total compliance resource.

ShipMate purchases marks, labels and placards at wholesale prices and passes the savings on to you. ShipMate will also help you identify the marks, labels and placards that are right for you.


ShipMate™ will help you identify the most appropriate, economical, and compliant packaging for your dangerous goods. ShipMate is an authorized distributor for Labelmaster and other packaging suppliers.

ShipMate will also help you design an appropriate packaging, obtain the required approvals for non-specification or “exemption” packaging, and locate authorized packaging testing facilities to ensure compliance with the Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Safety Products

ShipMate is an authorized distributor for a number of suppliers of safety products. Our experts will help you identify an appropriate, economical solution for your safety needs.

We offer emergency response equipment, fire extinguishers and first aid kits, warning signs, tags, posters and labels, and many other safety related products.

Spill Response Equipment

ShipMate offers a wide selection of spill containment and spill control products including absorbents, vermiculite, spill decks and pallets, spill kits, and containment and storage equipment.

The spill products we offer are ideal; for preventing or managing a solid or liquid hazardous materials or chemical releases including universal (non-aggressive), oil-only, or hazardous material (aggressive) liquids. The spill products we offer are designed to provide spill control and spill containment in compliance with the EPA Container Storage Regulation (40 CFR 264.175) and SPCC Regulations. 


ShipMate is an authorized distributor of Masterform®, Gold Masterprint by Labelmaster®, Regtrieve™, RegStick®, Security Plan Builder by Labelmaster® and other software programs that will keep you in compliance.

We offer a full line of DOT, OSHA and EPA training programs and documentation software to keep you up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.
Many demos are available on the web. Call us at +1 (310) 370-3600 or e-mail us for a software demo or quote.

For technical support and product updates on all Labelmaster software, go to their Tech Support Page or call +1 (800) 578-4955.

For technical support and product updates on all ShipMate software including HazDox™, WasteDox™, and ShipMate™ University, go to our Technical Support Page, or call us at +1 (310) 370-3600, or e-mail us.