Civil Penalty Cases

ShipMate has consulted on, or provided written responses to more than 185 civil penalty actions against companies charged with one or more violations of the DOT’s Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

In each and every case, ShipMate has been successful in having the charges dismissed or having the proposed civil penalty mitigated down to an acceptable and reasonable amount.

In one notable case, ShipMate was able to successfully mitigate an FAA civil penalty action from $ 860,000 to $ 0.00.

Special Permits and Approvals

ShipMate has helped hundreds of companies obtain and maintain Special Permits, Competent Authority Approvals or Permits for Equivalency of Safety (Canada) which have enabled the petitioner to mark, manufacture or sell non-specification packaging, or transport dangerous goods that would otherwise have been prohibited for transport.

ShipMate  will help your company draft and file an original application, application for party status, or renewal to a Special Permit. ShipMate can also help your company file for and obtain Competent Authority Approval for the Classification of Explosives, a Competent Authority Approval or Permit for Equivalency of Safety (Canada) in accordance with the new rules of procedure. If ShipMate has authored a DOT Special Permit, Competent Authority Approval or Permit for Equivalency of Safety for your company, click here.

Expert Witness

ShipMate’s principle, Steven Charles Hunt, has provided expert witness testimony at depositions, at trials, and before a grand jury. We can provide your legal team with a qualified, and experienced expert to help successfully prosecute or defend your case.

If you are a legal professional and wish to read a summary of some of the cases that ShipMate has consulted on, or provided testimony for, click on the link below.

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