ShipMate™ has drafted many requests for interpretation on behalf of our clients. A number of these interpretations are listed below and may be accessed by clicking on the links.

  • 01-0145 Battery Electrolyte – Limited Quantities
  • 01-0231 Corrositex™ Testing, Packing Group Assignments
  • 03-0224 Placarding Class 9 – Ocean Transport
  • 04-0176 Special Provision 47
  • 05-0183 Dual Marking: ORM-D and Limited Quantities
  • 05-0289 Vehicle Roll-Over Protection Systems (ROPs)
  • 06-0041 Special Provision 47
  • 09-0105 Special Provision A114

ShipMate can help you obtain written letters of interpretation to ease the burden of trying to understand the regulations. We take out the guess work for you!

A more comprehensive set of Letters of Interpretation is available by clicking here.