Where can I buy other hazmat shipping supplies, like labels, forms and packaging?
You can visit for your hazmat shipping needs or call +1 (310) 370-3600.

Do I need to purchase regulations?
Yes, you should always have a copy of the hazardous materials regulations on hand.  
Please go to our website to view your many options.

Does my annual license automatically renew?
Per our Software License Agreement, the software will automatically renew each year.

What is the difference between HazDox™ and WasteDox™  ?
HazDox™ is a web-based application used in the preparation and transport of hazardous materials.
WasteDox™ is a web-based application used in the preparation and transport of hazardous, universal and state-regulated wastes.

Technical Requirements
What are the browser requirements to use HazDox™, WasteDox™ or ShipMate™ University?
IE7, IE8 or Firefox v3.x

What printers can be used with HazDox™ or WasteDox™?
Any standard laser printer can be used.

Do I have to have some special configuration with my firewall?
No special configuration is needed. You can have your Windows Firewall enabled or disabled.

What if I’m using a proxy server?
You will need to add to your exceptions list.

How does the HazDox™ program interface with UPS WorldShip™ and/or FedEx Ship Manager™?
Currently, the HazDox™ program does not interface with UPS WorldShip™ and/or FedEx Ship Manager™.

 Product Features
Is technical support sold with HazDox™ or WasteDox™?
Yes.  Technical support is free for the first year.    Beyond the first year, consult the agreement between your company and ShipMate, Inc. as it may vary from customer to customer.  There is a nominal fee associated with making regulatory updates, additions, deletion or edits to the templates and product list(s).

Is there a limit to the number or size of a shipment that HazDox™ can handle?
No.  HazDox™ cane accommodate several thousands records.  In the near future, HazDox will accommodate several hundreds of thousands of records.  When this functionality is completed, there will be an announcement published on our website.

Can I import products into HazDox™ or WasteDox™ from a database?
No. Not at this time.  However, this function can be performed for you by ShipMate, Inc. for a small fee.  In the near future, this functionality will be available to system Administrators that have been assigned the rights to do so.

Can I add or delete products in the HazDox™ system or WasteDox™ system at any time?
Currently, only ShipMate™ may add, delete and edit products.  In the near future, you will be able to delete or add products only if your Administrator has given you the rights to do so.

Is the information about my shipments confidential?
Yes. Only you have access to your login information outside of the program administrator at ShipMate™.  Your information will not be sold, transferred, bartered or offered to anyone without your expressed, written consent.

What are templates?
There are two types of templates: (1) a document template; and, (2)  a packaging template.  A document template includes all of the relevant regulatory  requirements and shipping data for a specific shipment.  A packaging template contains the hazardous material packaging marking and labeling information only.

How do I save the declaration or manifest in HazDox™ or WasteDox™ electronically?
To save the Dg declaration or Manifest electronically, you must have the Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard or X Pro (v 6.0 or later) installed.  Contact Adobe® Acrobat® at to download and install the writer.

How long does it take to set up a template?
It should only take a few minutes to set up a shipping template.  To set up a new template, please call ShipMate, Inc. at +1 (310) 370-3600 or e-mail us at:

Can I add or delete templates at any time?

Does HazDox™ comply with 49 CFR subchapter C?
Yes, it does.

Does HazDox™ comply with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code?
Yes, it does, provided you have purchased and  selected the ocean (OCN) mode of transport.

Does HazDox™ comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions?
Yes, it does, provided you have purchased and  selected the air (AIR) mode of transport.

Does HazDox™ comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations?
Yes, it does, provided you have purchased and  selected the air (AIR) mode of transport.

Does WasteDox™ comply with 40 CFR part 262 and part 273?
Yes, it does.  However, there may be state regulated criteria which may apply also.

How does the pricing work?
HazDox™ and WasteDox™ fees are dependent upon the number of products, users, modes of transport and numbers of packaging and documentation templates required.  Consult the agreement between Shipmate, Inc. and your company for any development and/or maintenance fees associated with these products.
ShipMate™ University fees are dependent upon the number of users and the number of courses to be accessed.  Currently, there are two pricing structures: (1) single seat pricing; and, (2) roof pricing.  The single seat price which has been quoted is the for the use by one person at one computer at a time.  The roof pricing structure is for unlimited use at a facility for the period specified in the software license agreement.  Please speak with our Software Account Manager for addition pricing questions or price quotes.  Please e-mail or contact us at +1 (310) 370-3600.

Is HazDox™, WasteDox™ and ShipMate™ University a subscription product?
Possibly.  Consult the agreement between ShipMate, Inc. and your company.  In most cases, there is no annual subscription to HazDox™ or WasteDox™; however, there may be an annual maintenance schedule.  
ShipMate™ University is an annual license, and includes all automatic software updates for the duration of the license, unless you have purchased a single seat license for one year.  

Are any discounts available for multiple licenses in the ShipMate™ University?
Yes. Please speak with our Software Account Manager for multiple license discount pricing information.  Please e-mail or contact us at +1 (310) 370-3600.